Makita 18V Lithium Ion

For Makita 18V BL1860 LXT Li-ion 9.0Ah 6.0 BL1850B BL1860B BL1830 Battery WithLED

For Makita 18V BL1860 LXT Li-ion 9.0Ah 6.0 BL1850B BL1860B BL1830 Battery WithLED

For Makita 18V BL1860 LXT Li-ion 9.0Ah 6.0 BL1850B BL1860B BL1830 Battery WithLED
Specification: Chemistry: Li-ion Brand: For Makita Model No. BL1860 (with LED light) Condition: Brand new Sub-Type: Replacement Battery Capacity: 9000mAh? Upgraded 6000mAh battery provides longer using life and working capacity than 3.0ah or 4.0ah battery. The Replacement batteries fully compatible with Makita 18V original Cordless Drill and charger. Compatible with Makita BL1860B BL1860 BL1850B BL1850 BL1840B BL1840 BL1830B, BL1815, BL1835, BL1845, 194205-3, LXT-400, 194309-1. Combined with high quality Lithium-ion battery core to ensure safe operation. For Makita 18V BL1860 LXT Li-ion 9.0Ah 6.0 BL1850B BL1860B BL1830 Battery W/LED. Condition: Brand new Sub-Type: Replacement Battery Capacity. Built-in Protection against overcharging, over discharge, over current. We provide 24 hours friendly customer service. It is suitable for Makita BL1815, BL1830, BL1835, BL1840, BL1860, LXT400, 194204-5, 194205-3, 194230-4, 194309-1.

Compatible Models: "CTRL"+"F" to find your machine model/part number printed on your machine or original battery. BCS550, BCS550F, BCS550RFE, BCS550Z BCF201, BCF201Z BCL180, BCL180F, BCL180W, BCL180Z, BCL180ZW, BCL182, BCL182Z BDA350, BDA350F, BDA350RFE, BDA350Z, BDA351, BDA351RFE, BDA351Z BDF450, BDF451, BDF451RFE, BDF451Z BDF452, BDF452RFE, BDF452RHE, BDF452SHE, BDF452Z BDF453RHE, BDF453SHE, BDF453Z BDF454F, BDF454RFE, BDF454Z BDF456RFE, BDF456Z BFR550F, BFR550L, BFR550RFE, BFR550Z BFR750, BFR750F, BFR750L, BFR750RFE, BFR750Z BFS450, BFS450F, BFS450RFE, BFS450Z BFS451RFE, BFS451Z BGA402RFE, BGA402Z BGA452, BGA452F, BGA452RFE, BGA452Z BGD800, BGD800RFE, BGD800Z BGD801, BGD801RFE, BGD801Z BHP450 BHP451, BHP451RFE, BHP451SFE, BHP451Z BHP452, BHP452HW, BHP452RFE, BHP452SHE, BHP452Z BHP453, BHP453RFE, BHP453RHE, BHP453SHE, BHP453Z BHP454, BHP454F, BHP454RFE, BHP454Z BHP456RFE, BHP456RFE3, BHP456RFWX, BHP456Z BHR202, BHR202F, BHR202RFE, BHR202RFE3, BHR202RFWX, BHR202Z, BHR240, BHR240Z BHR241, BHR241F, BHR241RFE, BHR241Z BHR242RFE, BHR242RFEV, BHR242Z BHR243RFE, BHR243RFEV, BHR243Z BHS630RFE, BHS630Z BJR181, BJR181F, BJR181RF, BJR181RFE, BJR181X, BJR181X1, BJR181Z, BJR182, BJR182F, BJR182X, BJR182Z BJS101RFE BJS130, BJS130F, BJS130RFE, BJS130Z BJS161, BJS161F, BJS161RFE, BJS161Z BJV180, BJV180F, BJV180RF, BJV180RFE, BJV180Z BL1815 BLS713RFE BML184 BML185 (Flash Light), BML185W BML186 BML800, BML801 BO180D, BO180DRF, BO180DZ, BPB180, BPB180F, BPB180Z BPJ140 BPJ180 BPT351, BPT351RFE, BPT351Z BSS501, BSS501F, BSS501RFE, BSS501Z BSS610, BSS610F, BSS610RF, BSS610RFE, BSS610SFE, BSS610X2, BSS610Z BSS611F, BSS611X, BSS611Z BST221F, BST221RFE, BST221X, BST221Z BTD140, BTD140RFE, BTD140SFE, BTD140Z BTD141, BTD141Z BTD142HW, BTD142RHE, BTD142SHE, BTD142Z BTD144, BTD144RFE, BTD144Z BTD145RFE, BTD145Z BTD146D, BTD146RFE, BTD146SHE, BTD146Z BTDW251Z BTL061, BTL061F, BTL061RFE, BTL061Z BTL063, BTL063F, BTL063Z BTM50, BTM50RFE, BTM50Z BTP140, BTP140F, BTP140RFE, BTP140Z BTP141, BTP141RFX2, BTP141Z BTW251, BTW251F, BTW251FX1, BTW251RFE, BTW251X, BTW251Z, BTW251ZX1 BTW253, BTW253F, BTW253RFE, BTW253Z BTW450, BTW450F, BTW450FX1, BTW450RFE, BTW450X, BTW450Z, BTW450ZX, BTW450ZX1 BUB182, BUB182F, BUB182Z BUC122RFE BVC350Z BVF154RF BVR350, BVR350F, BVR350Z BVR450, BVR450F, BVR450RFE, BVR450Z BVR850, BVR850F, BVR850Z CF201DZ, CF201DZW CL180FD, CL180FDRFW, CL180FDZW CL182FD, CL182FDRFW D145DRFX DA350DRF DF454D, DF454DRFX, DF454DZ DF458DRFX, DF458DZ GA402DRF, GA402DZ GD800DRF, GD800DZ HP451RFE HP454D, HP454DRFX, HP454DZ HP458DRFX, HP458DZ HR202D, HR202DRFX, HR202DZK HR242DRFX, HR242DRFXV HS630DRFX, HS630DRFXW, HS630DZ, HS630DZW JR120D, JR120DRF, JR120DZK JR182DRF, JR182DZK JV180DRF KP180DRF, KP180DZ LXCV02Z, LXCV02Z1 LXDG01, LXDG01Z, LXDG01Z1 LXDT01, LXDT01Z, LXDT01Z1 LXDT04Z, LXDT04Z1 LXDT06Z LXFD01, LXFD01CW, LXFD01Z LXLC01, LXLC01Z, LXLC01Z1 LXLM01W LXPH01, LXPH01C1, LXPH01Z LXPH03Z LXPH05, LXPH05Z LXPK01, LXPK01Z, LXPK01Z1 LXSF01, LXSF01Z1 LXSL01, LXSL01Z, LXSL01Z1 LXTP01, LXTP01Z, LXTP01Z1 LXWT01, LXWT01Z ML184 (Flash Light) ML185 ML800 ML801 MR050 MR100, MR100W MUH263DRF, MUH263DZ MUH401DRF, MUH401DZ MUH461DRF, MUH461DZ MUM168DRF, MUM168DZ MUR181DRF, MUR181DZ MUS104DSH, MUS104DZ MUS154DSH, MUS154DZ PB108D, PB108DRFX, PB108DZ, PB180DRFX PJ180DRF PT351D, PT351DRF, PT351DZK SC162DRF TD140D TD144D, TD144DRFX, TD144DZ TD145DRFXB, TD145DRFXL, TD145DRFXP, TD145DRFXW TD146DRFP, TD146DRFX, TD146DRFXB, TD146DRFXL, TD146DRFXW, TD146DZ TD147DRFX, TD147DZ TD251DRFX, TD251DZ TL061DRF TM50DRF TP140DRFX TP141DRFX, TP141DZ TW251D, TW251DRFX TW450DRFX UB182D, UB182DRF, UB182DZ UB183D UC122D VR350D, VR350DRFX, VR350DZ VR450D, VR450DRFX, VR450DZ. The battery must be FULLY charged before first use. The battery is stored in a cool and dry place. Do not Separation, Extrusion, and Impact.

Do not put battery into water and fire. CE; CE; UL; FCC; RoHS; IEC; ISO9001/9002. BL1850B BL1845 BL1830B BL1860 BL1860B, BL1815. No Memorry Effect, Over-charging Protection, Safe.

For BL1815, BL1825, BL1835,194204-5,194205-3. BL1830B BL1860B Bl1830 Bl1815 Bl1835.

BL1830, BL1815, BL1835,194205-3,194309-1. For LXT BL1830 BL1840 BL1845 BL1850 BL1860. BL1830 BL1815 BL1890 BL1840 BL1850 BL1860 BL1845. For Makita 14.4V-18V Lithium Battery. Li-Ion/ Lithium-Ion not for Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh batter. BL1860B BL1850B BL1830B BL1840 BL1830 BL1815. High Efficient, Long Lasting, Charging Fast. BHP450 BHP451 BHP452 BHP453 BDF451, BDF451RFE. LXT400, BL1860,194204-5,194205-3,194230-4,194309-1. BL1860, BL1890, BL1840B, BL1845B, BL1850B, BL1860B. Our 100% item locate UK Local warehouse. More than 90% order's placed before cut-off time will be dispatched at one day, even at same day. We are a store, mainly run battery tool, laptop accessory. Such as battery, ac adapter etc. All item passed FCC / CE / ROHS certificates.

We work with a good quality supplier and factory. We don't cover the failure or damage caused by misuse, accident, modification, inappropriate physical or operating environment, natural disaster, power surge, and improper maintenance or storage.

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  • Package Include: 2X 9.0Ah battery
  • Model: BL1860
  • Battery Capacity: 9 Ah
  • Warranty: 10 Year Warranty + 60 Days Money back
  • Replace P/N: 194204-5,194230-4,194205-3,194309-1
  • Certificate: CE; CE; UL; FCC; RoHS; IEC; ISO9001/9002
  • Compatible mode: BL1850B BL1845 BL1830B BL1860 BL1860B,BL1815
  • Color: Black
  • MPN: BL1860
  • Item Location: United States
  • SHIPPING: Free shipping,24H Dispatch,1-5 days delivery
  • Battery Technology: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
  • Brand: For Makita
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 10 Years
  • Voltage: 18 V
  • Expiration Date: NO
  • Advantages: No Memorry Effect, Over-charging Protection, Safe
  • Compatible mode 1:: For BL1815,BL1825,BL1835,194204-5,194205-3
  • Compatible model 3:: BL1830B BL1860B Bl1830 Bl1815 Bl1835
  • Compatible model 4:: BL1830,BL1815,BL1835,194205-3,194309-1
  • Compatible model 2:: For LXT BL1830 BL1840 BL1845 BL1850 BL1860
  • Compatible model 5: BL1830 BL1815 BL1890 BL1840 BL1850 BL1860 BL1845
  • Compatible Models: For Makita 14.4V-18V Lithium Battery.

  • Battery Type:: Li-Ion/ Lithium-Ion (not for Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh batter
  • Models: DC18RC BL1860 1830 1850
  • Model-1: BL1860B BL1850B BL1830B BL1840 BL1830 BL1815
  • Battery advantages:: High Efficient, Long Lasting, Charging Fast
  • Fit model 3:: BHP450 BHP451 BHP452 BHP453 BDF451, BDF451RFE
  • Fit model 2:: 197599-5, 194204-5, 194205-3, 194230-4
  • Colour: Black
  • Expiry Date: NO
  • Compatible Model 1:: LXT400,BL1860,194204-5,194205-3,194230-4,194309-1

For Makita 18V BL1860 LXT Li-ion 9.0Ah 6.0 BL1850B BL1860B BL1830 Battery WithLED